Advertising, windows etc, enticements and spectacular offers

Advertising, windows etc. enticements and spectacular offers

Driving in the car the other day, listening to ESPN 980 in Washington DC, I am hearing a commercial for replacement windows. These windows are supposedly great, manufactured locally to “work well with our climate” is their pitch. Since most of your performance is in the winter when it is 25 degrees outside and your home is 70 degrees , you have a 45 degree variance versus summer when maybe it is 20 degrees for several hours on a hot day. Personally, if the manufacturing location is a criteria for quality, I would rather have Maine!

My main rant however,  are the promotions that I am listening to; 5 years no interest- buy 3 windows get 2 free! Buy today get all the above and  they will pay for heating bill through the end of the year.

Does any really believe that they are not paying for this largesse? Do people really think they are getting a good deal? Spending less? Making you feel like you are being a smart shopper?

Let me know! Thanks

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