D.I.Y Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen renovation alone can cost a homeowner 10-25% of his or her home’s value. The cost is certainly justified in most cases. A high-quality renovation can be an excellent investment. At Bradley Construction Inc, we’re delighted to see how our kitchen remodeling projects transform our client’s homes, increasing value and homeowner happiness.

However, if you do not have the extra cash to invest in a full-scale kitchen remodel you certainly have options! A kitchen makeover doesn’t necessarily require a significant investment. Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) projects offer a kitchen upgrade without a cost upgrade.

Below we have offer five simple D.I.Y. tips that can help you perform your own kitchen remodeling project.

1. Take a Kitchen Remodeling Class:

Before you begin your home own kitchen remodeling project, learn the tools-of-the-trade. Home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes offer free workshops and classes designed explicitly for the D.I.Y. homeowner. A sample of available Home Depot workshops includes “Installing Tile,” “Laminate Flooring,” and “Cabinet Updates.” All of these workshops can teach you how to perform your own kitchen makeover while potentially saving thousands of dollars.

2. Install Your Own Tiles, Sheet Vinyl, or Laminate Flooring:

Take the cue from Home Depot: install your own tiles, sheet vinyl, or laminate flooring. Did you know that you can cover a kitchen floor with as many as three layers of new flooring before any removal is required? The key is to ensure that the new installation covers a smooth, solid, and clean surface. Clean and vacuum your old kitchen floor thoroughly; any debris might someday appear through the surface and damage your new floor. Before starting, make sure all the doors that open to the kitchen will still function or can be trimmed.Metal ar vinyl door could pose problems! If your old floor does require removal, do not despair! Floor removal can be exceptionally easy, requiring only a utility knife and a little sweat equity.

3. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets:

Most full-scale kitchen remodeling projects include new cabinetry, but a D.I.Y kitchen makeover can be easily achieved by simply painting your old cabinets. A new coat of paint can transform a kitchen’s appearance. The big challenge of this kitchen remodeling project is removing each cabinet before painting. Once you’ve removed the cabinets, make sure you clean all the nooks and crannies with a sponge and soapy water. Next, sand the cabinets, then apply your paint primer. When the primer is completely dry, paint the cabinets with several coats of your new color choice, allowing the cabinets to dry completely after each coat. Once your reattach your cabinets, relish the benefits of your kitchen transformation and maybe spend some of that money you saved on a beautiful dinner and a nice bottle of wine!

4. Install Your Own Kitchen Backsplash:

A kitchen backsplash is placed on the kitchen wall, in the space between your kitchen counter and cabinets. A backsplash can transform the look of a kitchen while also preventing cooking stains and water damage. Of all the D.I.Y kitchen remodeling projects, installing a kitchen backsplash might be the easiest. First, choose high-quality ceramic tiles for your backsplash. Then, just like your cabinets, prepare your walls by cleaning with soapy water and sanding. You can then apply a layer of mastic and carefully lay your tiles on the wall. Once your work is dry (preferably overnight), seal the tiles by applying a layer of grout. To finish, clean your tiles with soapy water.

5. Cut the Clutter:

At Bradley Contruction, our thought is to kep it simple: “A beautiful kitchen is a clutter free kitchen.” Besides installing a kitchen backsplash, the simplest way to improve the appearance and functionality of your kitchen is to cut the clutter. First, make sure that your kitchen does not house items that have nothing to do with the kitchen. Cutting the kitchen clutter also includes trashing or recycling old and rarely-used cooking utensils, knifes, and even pots and pans. Limiting your tools to the essentials makes the most of scarce kitchen space and simplifies food preparation, allowing the cook to focus on the food.

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