New roof, removing old asbestos shingles

We recently installed a new asphalt shingle roof on the Thomas’ rental property in Bethesda. They wanted to improve the look of the home so they would have an easier time attracting potential renters.The old roof had asbestos shingles, most people think that asbestos shingles are a hazardous material; they are not. Since they are non-friable, there is little likelyhood of dust inhalation. Montgomery County does not regulate non-friable asbestos, so other than removal and clean up of more small pieces of shingle, the overall process is not much different than an asphalt shingle removal.The same holds true for asbestos siding, although with siding you can sometimes put furring strips over the existing siding and install new siding over the existing siding.




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  1. George on July 30, 2013

    I have an asbestos roof and been dreading the day to replace it ! Looks like I was worrying over nothing- I thought it would be a huge expense with the asbestos shingles.
    Thank You!


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