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Roofing Safety

Roof contractorAt Bradley Construction Company, it’s the most wonderful time of the year because we’re getting busy! We have 2 main priorities as we ramp up and prepare for another productive roofing season:

  1. Giving you, our customers the best roofing experience possible. That means the highest level of service and quality that keeps us at the top of our game year after year.
  2. Keeping our job sites running safely and efficiently to ensure the well being of each and every Muth team member.

We take safety seriously,  In the roofing business, safety means training, training and more training. Bradley team members go through training on everything from ladder safety to safely installing products. Bradley team members recently completed GAF’s Roofing 101, this week they will attend Certaineed’s Re-Certification Training and next week they’ll go through Ladder Safety and Fall Protection training from Ladder Man and Safety Services Plus. These training programs aren’t cheap, but for Bradley Construction, safety training is just part of the price of doing business.

Keeping our team members well educated and fully trained in the safest, most current industry standards and practices is vitally important to us. Helping you keep your home and family safe is also important to us.

Springtime Chores:

  • Provide you with a complete inspection report
  • Caulk all flashings
  • Clean all gutters, re-nail gutter spikes, check for clogged down spouts
  • Clean and paint all flashings
  • Inspect attic/evaluate the condition of venting, insulation, bath fans
  • Take down screens, clean them and put them back
  • Check outside lights including porch lights and flood lights and replace any burned out bulbs
  • Tune up your lawn mower, replace the plugs and sharpen the blades
  • Put down pre-emergent for your lawn. Everybody loves a lush lawn so don’t delay this chore!

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